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Etemps online booking system going live on 23/07/2018

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Many healthcare providers use a lot of agencies for staff cover. When they need to cover a shift, they have to make many phone calls back and forth to get the shifts covered.  This way of filling shifts at times leaves Healthcare providers struggling to cover shifts. The cost of leaving shifts unfilled can adversely impact on patient care. Concerns on billing, compliance issues, administrative tasks and reporting time eat up time better spent on patient care.

At Tempcare Personnel Ltd we do more than agency staffing we will help you to automate and streamline your agency staffing needs. We are in the process of implementing a vendor management system with effect from 1 August 2018.  As master vendor, we take full control of your agency staffing requirements. If we are not able to cover a shift internally, we turn to our 2nd tier network of alternate suppliers to ensure your needs are met. With our VMS all bookings will be done online on our system called etemps. With etemps automated process you don’t have to ring each agency when a staff need arises. Etemps broadcasts the shift to all our associate agencies. Etemps automates time sheets approval and consolidates invoices. Less time spent on hiring and staffing and invoicing – more time spent on patient care. Etemps is effective and versatile and provide control over a wide variety of tasks via a single system

Candidates, Clients, and Care agencies will be able to log onto the system through their portals.

Candidates Portal

Candidates can log in and update their details, upload documents, accept shifts, put hours on time sheets, view pay slips and many more.

Clients Portal

Clients will be able to log on and book shifts, check candidate documents if they wish, approve time sheets, print invoices, view management reports,

Care Agencies

Log in and accept the shifts.