Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our client's satisfaction is at the heart of our business and at Tempcare Personnel Ltd we know the importance of training and customer care when it comes to providing a quality service.

We go to every effort to ensure our staff are fully trained and that our processes are easy and effective.

We feel it is vital to take on any feedback we can from our clients so we can continue to improve our service wherever we can. We send out our service survey to every client on an annual basis. By monitoring the feedback we receive from you we can find out more about what you enjoy the most and least about our service and address any major concerns swiftly.

If you have any complaints we encourage you to share these with us so we can make a full investigation and take the necessary action to rectify them and review how they can be avoided for the future. By working together like this we can assure the highest quality of services and enjoy a fruitful working relationship with our clients.

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